Relying on 25 years of experience and expertise of its employees and using equipment and machinery located in an area of about 50,000m2, it operates.

This Group is active in the field of design and fabrication of the following:

1- Refinery, Gas and Petrochemical Equipment
2- Dam and Power Plant Equipment
3- Steam Boilers
4- Bridges and Heavy Steel Structures

All design and calculations are carried out using computer software’s and according to valid internationally recognized standards as well as customers’ requests.

Engineering units of this group are as follows:

1- Vessels Engineering
2- Boilers, Heat Exchangers and Equipment Engineering
3- Bridges and Steel Structures Engineering
4- Production Engineering

Now let’s have a look at various products and some activities carried out by this Group in the past ten years.

1- Horizontal and Vertical Pressure Vessels

These vessels are designed and fabricated in different sizes and pressure ratings per customer request. So far, we have fabricated such vessels with dia=5m, Length=30m, pressure


This group includes Engineering, Commercial, Quality Control and Financial departments and three main workshops:

1) Foundry      2) Forging       3) Steel Ball Manufacturing

1. Foundry:
Having a 12-ton electric arc furnace, induction furnaces, vacuum oxygen decarbonization converter (VODC) plant and gas blowing operation in ladle, the workshop is capable of producing various types of carbon steel, low/high alloy and stainless steel. Checking the chemical composition of these products is carried out by accurate measuring equipment (quantometer etc.).

Machining and Assembly PRODUCTION GROUP

The group is located in 25810m2 of roofed area and includes different workshops and engineering departments.

The workshops include:
Machining shop No. 1,
Machining shop No. 2,
Equipment fabrication shop,
Crane fabrication shop,
Tool making shop.

Engineering departments are as follows:
Machine design,

Construction/Erection and Commissioning GROUP

Enjoying the service of trained and experienced staff and the application of required software & hardware, M.S.A.’s Construction/Erection & Commissioning Group stands high above its competitors in execution, inspection and commissioning different projects in compliance with internationally valid standards and is continuously broadening and upgrading the scope of its activities and capabilities in the following fields.
Oil, gas and petrochemical equipment,
Power plant equipment,
Machinery and equipment for factories,
Bridges and heavy offshore steel structures.

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