Official Language, Unit of Measurement, Monetary Unit, International Telephone Code, The Irantion Calendar

Official Language The official Ianguage and the script are Farsi or Persian; but Arabic and Turkish are also spoken by large minorities, English is the most current foreign language. Units of Measurement The metric system is generally used in Iran. Monetary Unit Iran’s currency is called the “rial” (Rls).Every 10 rials make one “tooman”.iranian money … Read more


Climate Iran has vastly varying climates depending on the season, and the part of the country. Generally speaking central Iran, being closed off from humidity of the seas by the surrounding mountains, has a distinctly continental climate. in winter though, a high-pressure belt centered in Siberia gushes westwards and south wards reaching the Iranian central … Read more

Water & Soil

Water & Soil Iran has numerous large and small rivers but still not enough water for irrigation. the water for some streams pours into the dry central plateau and goes to waste, and great efforts are being made nowadays to control and gather this water behind large and small dams. Iran’s major rivers are the … Read more

The Landscape

The Landscape In the north and west there are two large ranges of high mountains. Also a few smaller ranges of mountains run in the south, not very far from the coasts of the rersian Gulf and the Sea of Oman. These mountains bar the central regions from the humid winds coming from the Caspian … Read more


Population In 1994 the population of Iran was about 60 millions of whom 35 millions lived in towns and 25 millions in rural areas. About 48% of the population were female and the rest were male. In the 1980s the rate of population growth had risen alarmingly but the nation managed to control the population … Read more