Electricity, General, Foreign Investment, Non-Oil Export Items

Electricity The electricity industry is yet another significant sector of Iran’s economic activity. Today, Iran is self-sufficient in electrical energy. Furthermore, there are a good number of 2,000 mega-watt power .stations, as well as the atomic power plant of Bushehr, presently under construction, or near completion, and once these power plants begin operation, the country … Read more


Agriculture Agriculture occupies a special place in Iran’s economy as it supplies the country’s already extensive and constantly expanding food processing industry. Agricultural and animal hblsbandry products have alw ays provided the major non-oil export items such as pistachios, raisins and even carpets (the wool or silk used in them). It has also provided raw … Read more

Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing Industry and Agriculture In 1986, statistics were taken on the Iranian industrial factories of all sizes. According to these statistics about 33% of the larger factories were situated in the province of Tehran, 10% in the province of Isfahan and 7% in the province of Khorassan, the rest in the other provinces, in the … Read more

Economy and Production

Economy of Iran In 1993 Iran’s First Five-Year Social and Economic neveloyment plan, which followed the end of the war with Iraq, came to its end. On the whole the plan was a success, in some areas its achievements were even better than expected. The Second Plan began in 1995 and will continue till 1999, … Read more