Country Profile Foreign Investment Iran

Indicator 1997/98 1996/97 Land  Area  1,648,195 Km Same Population 60.9 mn. 60.1 mn. Urban 37.7 mn. 36.8 mn. Rural 23.2 mn. 23.3 mn. Population  Density 37 per  Km 36 per Km Active  Population 16.8 mn. 16 mn. Employed  Population 14.8 mn. 14.6 mn. Literacy  Ratio (6-29 years) 93.5% 92.8% Average  GDP  Growth Rate 4.4% 5.9% … Read more


Summary of Principal Iranian Taxes: The principal taxes in Iran are corporate and personal taxes on income. The Iranian tax law is formulated in a way to encourage investments in producing activities, mainly industry and mining. This is done through low tax rates and various facilities and exemptions. Iran Tax Law on Profits and Other … Read more

Status of Foreign Nationals

Foreign   nationals  enjoy   equal  treatment  with  Iranian  citizens  under  the  Iranian  Civil   Code   provided   that   reciprocal   agreements  have   been  concluded  with  the  foreign  country  concerned. The  investor  should   ascertain  the  existence  of  any   agreements  between  Iran  and  his  own  country  which   might   affect  his  status.Companies   established  in  Iran  with  foreign capital  are  considered  Iranian   and  … Read more

Import – Export & Customs Regulations

Import – Export & Customs Regulations   IMPORT  Imported Goods, Duties & Evaluation: All goods & commodities entering the customs areas in Iran are considered as “entering” goods & commodities. Of these entering goods & commodities only those are subject  to customs tax and duties which their entrance to the country is made definite. Other … Read more


Council    of   Ministers’    Decree(No.H15891T/5125     Date:Aug.6,1996) Ministry   of  Economic   Affairs   and   Finance The  Council of Ministers in its meeting  held  on  23.03.1375  (12 June, 1996) acting   upon   recommendation   No.66080021/31215  dated  24.08.1374  ( 14  November  1995 ) of  the   Ministry  of  Economic   Affairs  and  Finance , in  relation  to  investments   covered  by  the  Law  for  the  Attraction  … Read more