Official Language, Unit of Measurement, Monetary Unit, International Telephone Code, The Irantion Calendar

Official Language


The official Ianguage and the script are Farsi or Persian; but Arabic and Turkish are also spoken by large minorities, English is the most current foreign language.

Units of Measurement

The metric system is generally used in Iran.

Monetary Unit


Iran’s currency is called the “rial” (Rls).
Every 10 rials make one “tooman”.
iranian money is available in the following coinages:
5, 10, 50, 100, 250 rials
and notes of:
100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, and 10008 rials.
The official rate of the rial against the US dollar is 3000 ie 3000
Rls=l USD

International Telephone Code

The code for communicating with Tral7 by telephone (or fax of course) is 0098 which should then be followed by the code for the relevant town. The code for Tehran is 021. So when dialing a Tehran number from abroad one should dial 0098 21- thgn the relevant phone number.

The Iranian Calendar


The Iranian calendar has been based since pre-Islamic era on the movement of the sun . but the Islamic calendar which revolves round the movement of the moon is also current in Iran for religious purposes.

The Iranian solas calendar was modified in the 12th century AD by Omar Khayyam, the poet, scientist and astronomer.

The new calendar was named the Jalali calendar. It’s accuracy is one dap in 5000 years.

The Iranian calendar begins with the Hejira (departure), the day the ]Holy Prophet Mohammad left Mecca for Medina, in 421 AD. Each Iranian yearbegins on March 21st (the first day of spring) and ends on March 20th. The Iranian year is just over 365 days long and every four years, is a leap year, the last month of which, is considered as having 30 days instead of 29 days.

The Islamic calendar year, however, is about 354 days. Therefore, the two calendars, the national calendar and the religious calendar, do not coincide and vary from year to year.

The Iranian new year, the first day of spring, has since ancient times been a day of celebration, feast and joy.