Mini Tower Case

Mini Tower Case Main board size : Baby AT Drive bays : 5 1/4″ * 2   3 1/2″ * 2   3 1/2″ * 2 (hidden) Expansion slots : 5 full size   3 half size Power supply : 200 W & up DFM approach makes production not only efficient but also effective. Snap … Read more

HP & Epson Printers

HP & Epson Printers Laser Jet Printers Dot Matrix Printers Desk Jet Printers EPSON LQ-100 EPSON LQ-300 EPSON LC1-570 EPSON LQ2170 EPSON DFX 8000 EPSON DFX 5000+ EPSON DLQ 3000 EPSON stylus 500 EPSON stylus 600 HPlaserjetSL HPlaserjetGL HP laserjet 4V HP Deskjet 660e HP Deskjet 690e

Cincom Products

Cincom Products Distributed relational database management system (SUPRA/Server) Application development tools (AD/Advantage). Integrate solution for production centers concerning control and finances Object relational DBMS (total framework) Education, training, product support and consulting services to help you fully exploit the new technology, speeding your transition into the next generation of application development. Cincom Group :– ADVANCED … Read more

ATC-1020 Mainboard

ATC-1020 Mainboard (430VX PCI/ISA) ATC-1020 Mainboard (430VX PCI/ISA) Processor :P54C. P55C 75 MHz to 200 MHz Chipset :430 VX PCI Set System memory :One 168-Pin Dimm   SP SDRAM Four 72-Pin SIMM sockets Maximum 128 MB DRAM Cache memory :512 KB/ 256 KB Syn SRAM System BIOS :Award PCI / ISA 586 BIOS (Flash ROM) On … Read more