Industrial Property Protection

INDUSTRIAL  PROPERTY PROTECTION Iran is a member of the Paris Union International  Convention for the protection of  Industrial Property and world  Intellectual  Property  Organization (WIPO). Citizens  of member  countries  are  entitled  to receive patent and trademark rights identical to those of Iranian nationals.  Also  under the Convention, if a foreign national  makes  application for a … Read more

Web & Internet

Web Attractive and user friendly environment Containing multimedia Ability to search databases Ability to use other Internet services on the web   Intranet Simple implementation Capable of using Internet services Simple connection to Internet (if needed) Information security independent of any government    


U.P.S Highquality Sinewave Uninterruptible out put High efficiency & low power loss Drycell With stabilizer for voltage control Easyinstallation Power range from 500 VA to 10 KVA Equipped with RS232 port for computercommunication Guarantee & after – sales service

Pentium -4.3 G3-32

Pentium -4.3 G3-32 Pentium-4.3 G3-32 (50233MMX) MB : ATC 5030/512 TX H. SPEED I/O   1 PAR 2 SER 1 FDC CACHE : 512 KB CPU : PENTIUM – 233 MMX INTEL + FAN RAM : 32 MB HDD : 4.3 GB IDE SEAGATE FDD : 1*3.5″ SVGA CARD : 1 TO 2M PCI CASE … Read more

Monitor AcerView

Monitor AcerView (54e) 15 – inch color High resolution Flat square screen Large viewable size Antistatic Plug & Play Digitalcontrol Low power consumption Powersaving Specifications Picture tube : Color 15′(38 cm), diagonal 0.28 mm dot pitch Flat square screen ; 90 deflection P22 medium-short phosphor Maximum viewable size: 13.6″ (34.6 cm) diagonal Input signal : … Read more