AGRO Plow 22/100

This one is a mini ploughing, rotary, hand-operated tractor that is efficient both in terms of energy and performance. It is a mini tiller having different farm uses.

A multifunctional machine with advanced design technology, simple design, rotary tillage, convenient maintenance, and feasible working especially in paddy and other similar fields

4-stroke swirl diesel engine with 3600 RPM and 10 HP with a tilting depth of over 100mm and adherence to ISO:9001 standards

This plow machine assures you to be your best pal even on hilly areas and uneven surfaces. Why not get started with it right away?

AGRO Monster 2300

With more energy and taller build design than a standard tractor, this one truly is a monster in its category. This 4-wheel machinery is truly a powerhouse for specialty crops!

75-125 HP engine with high power, low profile design making it go through even the tough to access areas

Pressure and flow regulated hydraulic mechanism and high-capacity hitch for next level performance

Consider this tractor for all kinds of heavy-duty tasks on the farms. It shall never disappoint or become unreliable due to its industrial-grade build.

AGRO Smart P200

This is a premium compact utility tractor geared towards improving productivity and efficiency with better ergonomics ensuring great operator comfort. This smart machinery is indicative of the dynamic requirements of buyers and an upsurge in farm mechanization.

20 HP, 3200 RPM, sturdy, durable, high-torque 3-cylinder engine working on diesel provides sufficient power

Hydro transmission with pedals for easy use, easy implement hookup, quick adjustment, and open operator station for convenience.

This tractor is compact but smart enough to suit to one’s needs, as it is made after working closely with the farmers and cultivators.